Shannon Keith is a true warrior for change in the fight against sex slavery in India. Ten years ago, she left her successful career as a corporate sales representative to start a global non-profit, to provide training and jobs for survivors of human trafficking.

Shannon is the founder and CEO of Sudara, an online woman’s loungewear brand that employs and empowers formerly sex trafficked women.

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In Her Own Words

Partners In Activism
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It seems simple enough: you discover a problem and feel compelled to take action. You want to help someone, you want to make a difference. But as we all know, nothing is ever as simple as it first seems. I … Read More

Founding Punjammies
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Have you ever been confronted with a situation, and discovered that you had no choice but to take action? The experience that led me to create Punjammies was one of those moments. Human trafficking was not a cause I sought … Read More

Business & Social Change
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This is an exciting time to be an entrepreneur, a time when both the structure and purpose of business are being radically reinvented. As more women are not only entering the workforce but leading it, old paradigms for the workday … Read More