Turning Toward What Breaks Our Hearts

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In my recent TEDx talk, I told the story of my personal experience “turning toward” human trafficking.

When I traveled to India with my husband in 2005, I knew we would be building a well in a Red Light District. What I didn’t know what how strongly that experience would impact me. And although I felt my heart breaking, and my first instinct was to turn away and protect myself from something so painful, I decided instead to turn toward the issue, committing myself to travel with and through it – and hopefully to the end of it – instead of turning away.

Watch the video to learn how this decision has impacted the lives to 500 people (to date) in India, but also how it has impacted my own life. Are there heartbreaks and difficulties in your own life that you’ve wanted to turn away from? What would be different if you turned towards them instead?



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Shannon Keith is an abolitionist, speaker, and the CEO of Sudara. Ten years ago, she left her successful career as a corporate sales representative to start a global non-profit, to provide training and jobs for survivors of human trafficking in India.

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