Excerpt from Conscious Magazine:

It’s incredible to me that the forces of biology conspire with the yearnings of the soul to harness what was once primarily self-interest, into being an “others focused” person. A mother. My life is different as a mom. My heart and capacity to love is bigger as a mom and my epic fails are also amplified. There is no hiding the fact that though my desire to be better [more kind, patient and fun] is robust.

My world-view is also impacted as a mother; I see the world differently now, which has inspired me even more in my current role at Sudara, a line of loungewear made with hope by women in India who have escaped human trafficking. I want a better world not only filled with beauty and wonder for my own three children, but a world filled with hope, dreams, justice and opportunity for children everywhere. It may sound utopian to some, but it most certainly is not. I prefer to think of it as humane.

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